Who are you looking for?

I am a straight man, but I always love new friends so feel free to reach out if you're a guy!


I'm looking for someone who enjoys exploring the world, but also appreciates the slow quiet moments in life. Sometimes both in the same trip! Maybe bushwhacking through the forest to find a private lake, where we'll set up a hammock and nap. Or perhaps a long road trip listening to music and ending at an abandoned gold mine to explore.


I'd prefer if you lived somewhat nearby (I'm in St Johns, Portland, OR), but can deal with longer drives if we're getting along great! If Trump gets re-elected, I'm willing to go long-distance and international with this. Green card marriage?


Related to that... I refuse to date a Trump supporter, racist, anti-masker, or anti-vaxxer. Honestly, we'd even have a hard time becoming friends.

Why not use a dating app?

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What are your COVID precautions?

What if you meet a creep/murderer?

What if you're a creep/murderer?